Meta reportedly kills off the Quest Pro and upcoming Quest Pro 2

The tech giant's first high-end VR headset might be already dead

Meta Quest Pro

Meta will reportedly halt the production of its high-end Quest Pro mixed reality headset once the current component supply runs out. The headset went on sale last October for $2,299, though its price quickly dropped to $1,399 in Canada.

According to The Information, the still-in-development 2nd-generation version of the Quest Pro has also been killed off. With this shift in strategy, Meta is exclusively focusing on cheaper virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

So why has Meta suddenly killed off its high-end devices? Apple’s recently revealed Vision Pro likely has something to do with it, despite Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s claims that the Vision Pro has no “magical solutions.”

The Quest Pro received mostly middling reviews upon release, and while Apple’s Vision Pro is far from perfect and severely lacks apps, most that have tested it out walked away impressed with the device’s potential.

In early June, Meta revealed its next-gen Meta Quest 3, the successor to the current Meta Quest 2. The $689.99 virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) headset is 40 percent thinner than its predecessor,  offers two 2064 x 2208 pixel resolution displays 120Hz refresh rates, a more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip and includes redesigned controllers.

The Meta Quest 3 will release on September 27th, 2023.

Image credit: Meta

Source: The Information