Ford to go through second round of layoffs for 2023

The layoffs will target engineering roles in Canada and the U.S.

Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford Motors laid off roughly 3,000 employees from its global workforce back in August 2022. In February this year, it also laid off 3,800 employees in Europe as part of its shift to EV production.

Now, roughly four months into the shift, the automobile company is going through a second round of layoffs for the year, targeting engineering roles in Canada and the U.S., as shared by CNBC News.

The layoffs will be carried out this week in an attempt to save billions in cost-cutting measures as the company aims to restructure its business operations.

The job cuts are reported to be divided between Ford Blue, Ford Model E, and Ford Pro, the company’s combustion engine division, electric vehicle division and fleet service division, respectively. According to CNBC News, the leaders of the teams that the job cuts will impact received confirmation on Monday, and the employees will be notified in the next few days.

The layoffs are part of the Ford+ growth plan that the company unveiled in 2021, which aims to reduce overhead costs, improve quality, and increase profitability for the automotive company. “Delivering our Ford+ plan for growth and value creation includes increasing quality, lowering costs, investing in our priorities, and adjusting staffing to match the capabilities we need,” said Ford in an email to CNBC News. “People affected by the changes will be offered severance pay, benefits and significant help to find new career opportunities.”

This isn’t the first time Ford is laying off employees in 2023.

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Source: CNBC News