The stylus-less Pixel Tablet has excellent stylus storage

Maybe the Pixel Tablet was destined for something more

Much to the frustration of some, Google’s new Pixel Tablet is very much not a productivity device. And yet, it has a smattering of productive features that suggest it might have, at one point, been intended for productivity.

For example, the tablet supports several software features that feel like they were at least somewhat designed around productivity, such as a way to run apps side-by-side. There’s also the quick dock users can call up to access frequently-used apps.

And of course, there’s the Pixel Tablet’s support for USI 2.0, a stylus connectivity standard that enables the use of a single stylus across multiple devices, no pairing required. But more than just stylus support, the Pixel Tablet apparently has a great place to hold a stylus.

As detailed by Android Police, the Pixel Tablet has a line of magnets on the upper edge of the back panel that is just perfect for attaching a stylus. Android Police tested it with a Penoval USI 2.0 pen, which has magnets inside as well for a more secure fit.

Pixel Tablet in Hub Mode with a stylus attached | Image credit: Android Police

However, I had similar success attaching a stylus I have lying around from a Lenovo laptop I previously tested (see the header image). The Lenovo stylus doesn’t have any magnets in it. It also doesn’t work with the Pixel Tablet in my tests, so it’s headed back into a drawer beside my desk for now — maybe one day I’ll find a use for it.

Anyway, despite not having magnets of its own, the Lenovo stylus locks onto the Pixel Tablet very well, and I wouldn’t be too worried about it falling off, though it’d likely be easy to knock off if the tablet were bouncing around in my backpack. Unfortunately, the Lenovo stylus won’t stick to the Pixel Tablet with the official Google case on, and as much as I hate using cases, I’m loathe to give up the case’s helpful kickstand at the moment (not that I can use the stylus anyway).

All of this is to say that it seems increasingly likely that Google at one point considered adding a stylus to the Pixel Tablet but ultimately changed course — perhaps thinking it wouldn’t fit well with the tablet’s smart home display ambitions. But as Android Police pointed out, the position and placement of the stylus would make it a great add-on for when it’s docked and in Hub Mode.

Plus, none of this rules out the release of a future stylus from Google. Android Authority recently reported that references for a Pixel Tablet ‘Pen’ and ‘Keyboard’ were found in the code for the tablet’s retail demo app, which is used to lock down the device when it is on display at a store.

In other words, all the pieces are there for a decent stylus experience with the Pixel Tablet — you just need the stylus to make it happen. Whether Google eventually offers one or a third-party pen fills the role, the option is there.

Source: Android Police