Bell’s optic network transition left one Ontario couple without any phone service

95-year-old Mykola Latyshko and his wife were without phone services on two separate occasions

Bell is moving away from its copper network in favour of fibre.

The company says the upgrades are meant to provide faster services. However, this left one couple with the inability to contact others, including emergency services.

As Global News reports, 95-year-old Mykola Latyshko and his wife rely on landline phones as their primary form of communication. The couple has five landline phones through Bell in their home, and they don’t have cell phones.

When Bell worked on switching the couple’s landlines from copper wire to fibre, it left the pair without access to phone services for several days, according to Global News.

“I’m complaining about how they’ve done it. It is inhumane,” Latyshko told the publication. “Clients should be informed you’ll be without [phone service] a day, half a day. It wasn’t done, I don’t feel it was right.”

The move led the couple to be without phone services on two separate occasions: between February 2nd and 5th and again between June 4th and 11th.

Bell told Global News the pair “would have received notice.” But Latyshko said they found themselves suddenly without service on more than one occasion. While Latyshko said he understood the reasoning behind the upgrades, he argued against Bell’s current practices that suddenly left the couple without access to communication.

Source: Global News