Blurring your face with Google’s Magic Eraser can produce terrifying results

It's safe to say that the feature is better suited to smaller photo edits

Although Google’s Pixel phone lineup features some of the best built-in photo editing features on the market, it might be best if you refrain from using them in an attempt to blur out your face completely.

Some users have noticed that when attempted, Magic Eraser seems to blend together elements of the subject’s face, their nearby clothing, and pieces of the background to create something that is definitely not just a blurry face. It looks to resemble something straight out of Slenderman, and people online have been having some fun with the results.

Magic Eraser is designed to help remove smaller nuisances in photo backgrounds, such as out-of-place objects, so it’s no surprise that the eraser struggles to remove large portions of human features seamlessly.

Google currently does not offer an additional blurring tool that could be used in place of its Magic Eraser for this type of editing. The company seems to have rather opted for advanced photo-altering tools that remove portions of photos rather than simple tools that can edit what’s already been captured.

Apple is in a similar situation, with the iPhone’s ‘markup’ tool giving users their main photo-altering capabilities beyond simple filters or crops.

Until Google comes up with a simplified editing tool (if they choose to at all), you now at least have a fair warning over the consequences of blurring faces with Magic Eraser… even if it’s just a silly glitch.

Via: Android Police