Google to offer Pixel Night Sight features on compatible third-party apps

Including apps like Snapchat

Google is releasing what is regarded as the largest upgrade to its Pixel Camera Services, introducing Pixel Night Sight features to third-party apps.

Following the release of Pixel Camera Services in 2022, the ‘v1.1 update’ includes support for autofocus, manual focus and zoom. These features are being integrated into the Night Sight extension, available within compatible third-party apps.

Once available, users can swap between autofocus capabilities and manual when using Night mode. Apps such as Snapchat, which have access to Pixel’s Night camera feature, will be able to offer the latest software update.

On Pixel’s Pro models, users are also able to swap between using the primary camera and the telephoto lens for better zoom.

Pixel’s Night Sight has long been supported across the brand. Each year, Google updates and improves the systems, providing better picture quality and use. With the introduction of Pixel Camera Services, only the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series of devices are compatible with any new features. Unfortunately, older devices are left without support. 

The latest version of Pixel Camera Services is rolling out to users worldwide. Some report seeing the v1.1 update as early as May 27th.

Last week, Google rolled out its June Feature Drop, which for many, brought access to v1.1 of this service. There’s a chance many users already have access to the update.

Via: Android Police