Fido, Rogers offering 10GB or more of bonus data to some customers

Check your accounts for the offer

Fido logo on smartphone

Rogers and Fido customers should be on the lookout for potential incoming data bonuses.

According to recent posts on RedFlagDeals, several Fido and Rogers customers received offers for 10GB or 20GB of bonus data on top of their current plan. The original poster, ‘SpendingToSave97,’ wrote that they had a $30/mo 20GB Black Friday plan from Fido and received the 10GB bonus, noting that it “seems like there’s no expiration.”

On the Rogers side, a couple of users chimed in, noting they got 20GB of bonus data from the provider, but with a 24-month limit.

Fido’s 10GB bonus data | Image credit: SpendingToSave97.

As such, if you’re a Fido or Rogers customer, you might want to go log in to your provider’s self-serve portal and check for any offers. However, as one RFD user points out, if you’ve got a Black Friday deal — or another promo plan — with a monthly discount, taking bonus data might count as a plan change and void the discount, causing your monthly bill to go up.

Your mileage may vary, though — I checked my Fido account and didn’t have the offer, though I did have the $60/60GB plan the provider has been offering recently.

Source: RedFlagDeals