Pixel 7 on sale for as low as $3/mo at Big Three

Telus and Rogers both have the phone for about $3/mo but Bell is almost $6 for it

Pixel 7 phone

The Big Three carriers all have Google’s excellent Pixel 7 on sale, though just how good the deal is varies from carrier to carrier. You’ll also need to agree to return the phone after two years.

Telus currently has the best offer, with the Pixel 7 coming in at $0 upfront and $3/mo financing, as long as you sign up for the company’s ‘Bring-It-Back’ program. Even with Bring-It-Back, it’s not a bad deal — $3/mo for 24 months works out to $72 total you’re paying to effectively rent the Pixel 7, and if you decide you want to keep it, you’re on the hook for the $160 Bring-It-Back amount. In other words, $232 total for a Pixel 7. Not bad.

Moreover, Telus has a deal on the Pixel 6a for $1.63/mo financing with Bring-It-Back, but honestly, I’m not sure it’s worth it compared to the Pixel 7 offer. That said, if you’re dead-set on getting the Pixel 6a from a carrier, Telus is better than the $10/mo financing you’d pay at Rogers or Bell.

Speaking of Rogers and Bell, they also have discounts on the Pixel 7, but the prices aren’t quite as good as Telus. Rogers is closest at $3.63/mo financing with Upfront Edge. Bell, on the other hand, charges $5.96/mo financing with its ‘Device Return Option.’

While Telus is clearly the best option, all three have a better deal than buying the phone outright from Google, even with the company’s current $200 discount bringing the price down to $599. It’s worth noting this Google deal has been going on for a bit — learn more here.