Ontario wool farmers spot their blanket in The Last of Us

Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy it

The Last of Us

While watching Episode 8 of HBO’s The Last of Us, Kingston, Ontario wool farmers, Jacob Murray and Rach Hawkshaw, noticed something familiar draped over Joel (via CBC).

Just seconds into the episode, the pair took note of a very familiar-looking green and grey checkered blanket sold by their company, Topsy Farms. According to Murray, an entertainment industry props buyer reached out about purchasing the blanket earlier this year.

After seeing the green and grey blanket in the episode, Murray says he contacted the prop company, and as he expected, it was his brand. In total, the blanket appears roughly 30 times in the episode.

According to Murray, in the time since Episode 8 aired, the blanket has become a sought-after item, but unfortunately, only one was left in stock. However, instead of selling it, Topsy Farms gave it away through a recent contest on social media.

“If you want a blanket that’ll survive to the apocalypse, you need Canadian wool,” said Murray in a recent interview with the CBC.

This isn’t the first time fabric and The Last of Us have combined forces to become a news story only worthy of a Friday blog post. Last Friday, we covered Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel in The Last of Us, strutting around Hollywood wearing a pair of socks from Calgary-based Friday Sock Co.

The Last of Us is now streaming on Crave in Canada.

Image credit: HBO

Source: CBC