Rogers to start charging $1/minute for standard long-distance calls to the U.S.

The price hike will go into effect on April 19th and also apply to its flanker brand Fido

Rogers will soon start charging double for standard long-distance calls to the U.S.

According to its website, the “standard U.S. long-distance pay-per-use rate” will cost $1 a minute starting on April 19th, 2023.

Rogers currently lists its standard call rate to the U.S. at $0.55 a minute.

The company also offers a “preferred rate” for $0.05 a minute. This rate is not subject to the increase.

Rogers is implementing the same pricing strategy for its flanker brand Fido and will charge customers $1 a minute for standard long-distance calls to the U.S.

Comparatively, Telus currently charges $0.80 a minute for calls between Canada and the U.S. Bell charges $0.75 a minute, according to its website.

“We regularly review our products and services, and from time to time, we need to make adjustments to some of our rates,” a Rogers spokesperson told MobileSyrup.

“For customers that make frequent calls to the U.S., we have a number of U.S. long-distance calling add-ons, such as U.S. Preferred Rate and unlimited calling from Canada to the U.S. The rates for the add-ons are not impacted by this change.”

Updated 24/03/2023 6:25pm ET: The article has been updated with a response from Rogers and clarification regarding the fact that the carrier’s “preferred rate” is not affected.