Some users claim most third-party chargers won’t work with Pixel 6

If you're experiencing this issue, a 'Power Delivery' charger might solve the problem

Some users have noted that their Pixel 6 smartphones can’t be charged with third-party chargers.

According to several users on Reddit, the Pixel 6 Pro won’t recharge with older Pixel smartphone chargers or third-party chargers. Additionally, others have claim that their Pixel 6 won’t charge with any car chargers, including the original Pixel Stand or the newer 2nd-gen version.

One Pixel Community forum user said that they tried to use roughly 20 different charging combinations and none worked. However, they said that a ‘power delivery charger’ — a charging brick capable of higher speeds — was able to charge the smartphone.

It’s unclear what the source of this issue is and why only some Pixel 6 devices are affected. The charging problem seems to be tied to the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro.

I often charge my Pixel 6 Pro with a Nintendo Switch charger, Google’s proprietary charger or plug it into my wall outlet adapter, and I’ve experienced no issues with charging the smartphone.

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Source: Reddit, Pixel Community Forum Via: Android Headlines