Google Messages now lets you pinch-to-zoom conversations

Pinch-to-zoom lets users increase Messages' text size without changing the system-wide font size

If you find Google Messages uses a font that’s too small, now you can pinch-to-zoom to make your conversations larger.

The feature appears to be rolling out as part of Messages version 8.3.026, but some Reddit users claim to have received the feature on version 8.1.051. Regardless, if you don’t have pinch-to-zoom yet, it seems like it will arrive soon.

Pinch-to-zoom for conversations may not seem like a significant change, but there was no way to adjust the text size in Messages before now. Of course, there’s the system-level text size option, but that impacted all of Android. This new option gives users a bit more control — if they like the default Android text size, but feel Messages is too small, now they can easily increase the size of just Messages.

One odd note about pinch-to-zoom in Messages is it only works when viewing a conversation. If you’re looking at your list of ongoing chats, you can’t pinch-to-zoom. However, it’s not a big deal — zooming one conversation applies the same setting across all other conversations.

Anyway, pinch-to-zoom on conversations is a welcome addition and the latest in a long-running line of improvements. Most recently, Google also started rolling out the ability to pin conversations, as well as finally making end-to-end encryption widely available for RCS users.

Source: Android Police, Reddit