Toronto-based Nanoleaf announces new ‘Elements’ wood light panels

The wood-style panels glow in various shades of white and work with Nanoleaf's extensive 'Scenes' library

Toronto-based smart lighting company Nanoleaf announced its latest smart home lighting gadget: the ‘Elements Wood Look Hexagons.’

The new smart light panels set themselves apart from Nanoleaf’s other ‘Shapes’ hexagon panels by offering a wood-like texture. Beyond the wood styling, the Elements panels look and function just like Nanoleaf’s other hexagonal panels aside from the wood. If you own a set of Nanoleaf Shapes panels, you can also connect the new Elements panels to them since they all use the same connector piece.

However, the Elements panels don’t offer the same colourful lighting options as the Shapes panels — instead, Elements offer various shades of white.

In other words, Elements appear to be more of a subtle option designed to blend into your room rather than fill it with fancy colourful lighting. When not in use, the Elements panels look nice with their wood texture, almost like an art piece installed on your wall. When you do want some light, the Elements panels can provide the appropriate shade of white for the time of day — bright whites at mid-day or dim, orange-ish white in the evening.

Alternatively, users can enjoy various ‘Scenes’ like the ‘Fireplace’ with a flickering, fire-like motion. Nanoleaf notes that users can select from thousands of existing Scenes in the Nanoleaf app — interestingly, any RGB colour scenes will automatically recalibrate to use shades of white with the Elements panels.

Further, these moving Scenes utilize the other standout feature of the Nanoleaf Elements: corner control. The Elements can independently light up each corner of the hexagonal panel, allowing for refined control. Users can create custom scenes and paint each corner of the panel with a different shade of light. The individual corner control can also help improve motion effects.

Finally, the Elements panels also feature semi-transparent backing so that the whole panel glows, instead of just the front of the panel like on other Nanoleaf lights.

The Nanoleaf Elements will be available starting June 3rd on the Nanoleaf shop and will come to other retailers like Best Buy later in June. In Canada, the Elements Smarter Kit with seven panels will cost $369.99 and the Elements Expansion Pack with three extra panels will cost $119.99.

You can learn more on Nanoleaf’s website, and stay tuned to MobileSyrup for an in-depth look at the new panels.

Images credit: Nanoleaf