Signify revamps the Phillips Hue app to make it faster and more intuitive

More features coming later this year!

Signify has announced the release of a revamped version of its Philips Hue app that was redesigned from the ground up to increase functionality and communication with Hue smart bulbs, lamps, and other compatible accessories.

Faster access to room controls is one of the most significant changes. When you tap on a room or zone, the app now displays a grid of all the available lights and pre-set settings, allowing you to configure them quickly. In the last version of the Hue app, users had to switch between multiple tabs for room controls, so this is a more efficient way of managing lighting in a room all at once.

A feature that was previously available but has now been made more accessible is the Hue Scene Gallery. It is now located on the Home Tab and allows users to discover and preview the collection of Philips Hue scenes easily.

Additionally, users will no longer set routines in the new app; instead, they will set automations. The old Routines tab has been replaced with the new Automations tab, which provides more advanced customization options, including multi-user geofencing. This means that the app will check to see whether anybody else is at home before triggering the ‘Coming Home’ or ‘Leaving Home’ automation. As a result, if the person in control of the automation leaves the house, any family members still at home and using the Hue app will not be left in the dark.

According to Signify’s press release, it will further enhance the app with dynamic scenes later this year, which will let lights in a specific room cycle through different hues of a scene, allowing for a variety of new lighting effects.

“It’s the new Philips Hue experience, and this is just the beginning. We are excited to share more innovations in the rest of the year,” says George Yianni, the head of technology of Philips Hue at Signify.

The new Hue app is now available to download for iOS and Android.

Image credit: Phillips Hue

Source: Signify