Android 12’s third developer preview brings new app launch animations, notifications and more

The call notification template has been updated to make it more visible, easy to understand and consistent with other notifications

We learned more about Android 12’s privacy, functional and design changes with the previous unreleased build. Now, the third developer preview of Android 12 is out, and it includes new OS-level tools to help app developers make better use of cameras and the haptic hardware found in modern Android flagships.

The developer-focused beta brings new app launch animations, call notifications, app linking and more. This developer preview will likely be the final one before Android 12 enters beta next month and is officially unveiled at Google I/O.

For starters, this new preview gives app developers more options to play around with haptic feedback and decide how they want to implement it in their apps. According to Google, these new haptic feedback options should help with everything from gaming effects to UI events. Currently, the APIs are configured for the Pixel 4, but Google says it’s working with other manufacturers to expand support to more devices.

The preview also offers insight into better camera support for phones with ultra-high-resolution sensors such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. According to Google, platform-level APIs will assist developers in making better use of these cameras, resulting in improved performance from third-party camera apps.

Additionally, the new preview shows a couple of changes to the general look and feel of Android. The call notification template has been updated to make it more visible, easy to understand at a glance, and consistent with other notifications.

Android will now open your browser by default instead of the standard app chooser prompt box when you click on a link to a specific app.

If you’re a developer or would like to play around with the new preview, you can download it from Google’s developer website. These developer previews are only available for Google Pixel 3 and newer models.

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Source: Android Developer Blog Via: The Verge