Rogers, Bell and Telus offering $80/30GB unlimited plans

Earlier this month, the carriers were offering worse deals like $80/20GB

The Big Three carriers have rolled out new $80 per month plans with 30GB of ‘unlimited’ data.

$80/30GB isn’t bad a bad deal compared to what Rogers, Bell and Telus typically offer, although $80 per month is a steep ask for many people. However, those who need lots of data will likely find the deal appealing. Aside from the $80/30GB headlining offers, some of the carriers have $100/50GB plans too.

There are a few important similarities between the Rogers, Bell and Telus unlimited data plans. These plans offer an amount of data at typical network speed — in this case, 30GB. Subscribers who use more than the allotted amount will be able to continue using data at a throttled speed of up to 512Kbps and won’t be charged overage fees. Another similarity is they all include unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting.

We’ll break down the plans by carrier below, since there are some differences as well.


Rogers currently offers three “limited time” deals on its website, including the main $80/30GB deal.

  • $80/30GB (Normally 15GB of data, only available for new activations and hardware upgrades)
  • $85/35GB (Normally 25GB of data)
  • $100/50GB (Normally $125 per month)

Those deals are better than what Rogers’ had available before, which included $80/20GB and $85/25GB. Interestingly, both were listed as limited-time offers, although the website now implies the $85/25GB deal is the typical offer and $85/35GB is the new limited time deal.

You can learn more about Rogers’ plans here.


Bell’s current deals are perhaps the oddest of the Big Three right now. The carrier has the following options available:

  • $80/30GB
  • $85/30GB
  • $100/30GB (includes unlimited Canada/U.S. calling)
  • $100/50GB

Oddly, Bell lists the $80/30GB and $100/30GB with U.S. calling plans as available for new activations and upgrades only, but that label is only on the company’s Promotions page. Viewing the ‘Unlimited Data plans‘ page shows the promotional $80/30GB plan, but doesn’t include the new activations only label.

Also of note is that Bell doesn’t have a competing $85/35GB plan, offering instead an $85/30GB option (which the carrier rolled out earlier in March). Finally, Bell does have a $100/50GB plan like Rogers, but it’s not marked as a promotional offer.

You can view the Bell plans here.


Finally, Telus’ deals are similar, but a little different. One key difference with Telus’ plans is the company offers what it calls ‘Peace of Mind’ and ‘Peace of Mind Connect’ plans. Peace of Mind refers specifically to its unlimited data options, while the ‘Connect’ variants usually cost a bit more per month and allow subscribers to connect additional devices like smartwatches or tablets to their unlimited data plan.

  • $80/30GB Peace of Mind
  • $90/30GB Peace of Mind Connect
  • $100/50GB Peace of Mind Connect

It’s worth noting Telus offers Canada/U.S. calling versions of the 30GB plan that cost $20 more per month. Earlier this month, Telus offered $80/20GB and $90/25GB plans — extra data for the same price isn’t bad.

You can learn more about Telus’ plans here.