Google’s Pixel 5 takes impressive-looking underwater photos in Kraken’s case

"Release the Kraken!"

Pixel 5

Following-up the reveal that the Pixel 5 is now compatible with Kraken Sports Universal Smart Phone Housing, Google has shared several photos of its flagship smartphone snapping underwater images.

The new compatibility is powered by Google’s Dive Case Connector app, which features controls for underwater photography cases from Kraken Sports.

Though the images shared on Twitter are nowhere near full resolution, they’re still extremely impressive — especially when you consider they’re shot with a smartphone. The Pixel 5 is compatible with Kraken’s ‘KRH03’ and ‘KRH04’ universal case.

While Google specifically mentions the Pixel 5 in its tweet, but the app is compatible with Pixel 3 devices and newer.

Amusingly, this particular part of Google’s recent feature drop feels like it was designed by a specific engineer at the company that’s fond of scuba diving.

Unfortunately, Kraken’s cases aren’t available on Amazon and must be purchased directly from the company. They’re also rather expensive, coming in at $325 USD (about $411 CAD) for the KRH04 and $429 USD ($542 CAD) for the KRH03.