Users notice disconnecting issue with OnePlus Buds’ left earbud

This is reportedly a hardware defect, according to some reports

If you’re an OnePlus Buds user, you might be experiencing a disconnecting issue with specifically the left earbud.

As spotted by Android Police, a growing number of users are reporting on the OnePlus Forums that their left earbud randomly disconnects. Currently, it’s unclear why this occurs, but users note that the left earbud will go silent while their right earbud remains functional.

Some users say that just disconnecting or resetting their Buds, or rebooting the connected smartphone’s Bluetooth seems to fix the issue. However, this fix isn’t working for everyone.

One user said that OnePlus’ support indicated that this is a hardware defect. If this is accurate, users will need to exchange the OnePlus Buds instead of waiting for a software update. While some users have already exchanged their wearable, it seems that their new Buds are still suffering from the same issue.

OnePlus has yet to officially comment on the problem. Further, it’s unclear if this issue affects all OnePlus Buds, or if it also affects the OnePlus Buds Z.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve also experienced an issue with your OnePlus Buds.

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