God of War’s Kratos comes to Fortnite on all platforms — including Xbox and Switch

Somehow, he's not exclusive to PlayStation

God of War Kratos Fortnite

Update 03/12/2020 at 7:28pm ET — Sony has announced that God of War‘s Kratos is now available in Fortnite.

Notably, this is all versions of the popular battle royale game, not just PlayStation 4 and 5.

While Kratos’ arrival was all but confirmed thanks to a PlayStation Store leak and tease from the official PlayStation Twitter account, many fans just assumed he’d be exclusive to the PlayStation versions of the game.

The fact that Kratos is playable on Xbox and Nintendo platforms is quite surreal, to say the least.

You can play as Kratos by purchasing the Oathbreaker set from the Item Shop. This set includes the Kratos Outfit plus gear from his time in the 2018 God of War game. Additionally, playing a match on PlayStation 5 will unlock an Armored Kratos outfit as well.

The Item Shop also has other 2018 God of War-themed goodies for purchase, including Kratos’ handy Leviathan Axe Pickaxe, the Guardian Shield Glider (inspired by Kratos’ late wife), Mimir Back Bling with the severed head of the same name and emote.

Kratos is joining Fortnite as part of the game’s recently launched Chapter 2 — Season 5, which brings hunters from various universes to the game in the aftermath of the major Marvel-themed ‘Galactus Devourer of Worlds’ event.

Original story follows: 

God of War protagonist Kratos could soon be coming to Fortnite.

As first reported by Fortnite leaker @HYPEX, a PlayStation Store listing notes that the PlayStation icon is making his way to the massively popular battle royale game. A specific date wasn’t provided, but it certainly seems credible because it comes from PlayStation itself. The image shows Kratos in his outfit from the 2018 game, which he’ll presumably also wear in next year’s untitled sequel.

On top of that, while Sony hasn’t publicly confirmed Kratos, specifically, a Fortnite teaser posted to the official PlayStation account seems to describe none other than the God of War himself.

Voiced by Agent Jones (Troy Baker, The Last of Us‘ Joel), the teaser features a bit of dialogue that specifically points to Kratos, noting that there’s an incoming character who has “literally vanquished multiple gods with his bare hands in a fit of uncontrollable rage.”

The idea of this transmission is that it comes in the aftermath of Fortnite‘s big Season 5 Marvel’s Galactus ‘Devourer of Worlds’ event, which saw players teaming up to take on the cosmic supervillain. After this event, a ‘Zero Point’ was opened that called forth Hunters from various universes, including The Mandalorian‘s titular character and ‘The Child’ (Baby Yoda). This ‘Season 5 Chapter 2’ premise definitely seems like a prime opportunity to introduce Kratos.

Overall, he would be a particularly notable addition to Fortnite as he’d presumably be the game’s first platform-exclusive character, given that PlayStation owns him. While Fortnite is no stranger to guest characters, such as DC’s Batman, Disney’s Thanos, Avengers and The Mandalorian or Lionsgate’s John Wick, these crossover events were available in Fortnite on every platform.

With Kratos expected to be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and 5 versions of Fortnite, it remains to be seen whether other platforms will get their own guest characters. Discussion about this has already run rampant on social media, such as in a Twitter thread from Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, who called for Metroid‘s Samus to come to the Switch version of Fortnite and Halo‘s Master Chief on the Xbox One/Series X and S versions.

This would be something similar to what Namco did with Soul Calibur II. While the game was fundamentally the same across all platforms, the GameCube had The Legend of Zelda‘s Link as an exclusive character, while the PS2 nabbed Tekken‘s Heihachi and Xbox snagged Image Comics’ Spawn.

This also isn’t the first time that Kratos was a licensed guest character in another game, as the God of War also appeared in the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of Mortal Kombat (2011) and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny on the PSP, among other titles.

In any case, as Miller suggests, we could get more details on Kratos and/or other new Fortnite guest characters at The Game Awards. Produced by Canadian journalist Geoff Keighley, the big event will take place on Thursday, December 10th.