Google developing ‘Adaptive Sound’ feature that adjusts speaker EQ on Pixel phones

Along with Adaptive Sound, Google is planning to merge Now Playing into Live Caption to help it identify songs

Pixel 4a 5G rear

Google’s Pixel devices have always impressed me with their little ‘smart’ features, such as ‘Now Playing‘ that can quickly detect songs playing near you. However, it appears Google is working on another smart feature called ‘Adaptive Sound’ that will allow Pixel devices to adjust EQ settings automatically.

Spotted by XDA‘s editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman, Adaptive Sound uses the microphone on a Pixel phone to assess the acoustics and then adjusts sound equalizer settings based on the environment. Rahman shared a screenshot of the feature, noting that users shouldn’t confuse it with the Pixel Buds feature of the same time.

Adaptive Sound’s description explains that the effect may be less noticeable at higher volumes. Also, for those concerned about privacy, the description says all microphone audio is processed on the device and never leaves the phone. Plus, audio recorded by the microphone is deleted shortly after recording. Specifically, it says “Audio and background conversations are never sent to Google.”

Interestingly, someone replied to Rahman on Twitter noting that the Amazon store page for the Pixel 5 mentions the Adaptive Sound feature, suggesting Google may have intended to launch it with the Pixel 5 but delayed the feature.

While it isn’t clear how significant of an impact this feature will have on speaker audio quality, if it works well, it could help make audio more clear or otherwise improve quality in some environments.

Rahman also noted Google has changes in development for both the ‘Now Playing’ and ‘Live Caption‘ features. Essentially, Google is planning to merge Now Playing into Live Caption, which will allow the Live Caption feature to show the name of a song that’s playing and the artist. Currently, Live Caption shows ‘[MUSIC]’ when a song is playing.

It remains unclear when any of these features or improvements will launch. Likely we’ll see them with a Pixel feature drop in the coming months.

Source: Mishaal Rahman (Twitter)