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MobileSyrup Holiday Guide [2020 Edition]

December and Black Friday are right around the corner, so it’s time for holiday gift shopping season.

This year we’ve added several kinds of items to our ‘MobileSyrup Holiday Gift Guide’ to make buying presents for your friends and family as easy as possible.

If you need stocking stuffers, we have tons of items for under $100, including velcro cable ties, a critical part of any work from home setup. We also have a new smart light from Toronto-based Nanoleaf in this year’s guide that we think is really awesome.

There are items like the new Kobo Nia in the mid-tier price category, a great e-reader for under $200.

Our top of the line gifts revolve around the usual high-end items like laptops and phones, but we also have several game consoles now that the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5 are out.

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  • 8BitDo controller

    If that special gamer in your life has an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and xCloud, 8BitDo’s SN30 Pro Bluetooth Controller for Android and the Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers are both great accessories that make cloud gaming on the go much easier.

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  • Cases

    Most people can always use a new phone case. Old cases get worn down over the years and having a few case options can be fun as well. If you have an iPhone, Apple’s leather or MagSafe cases are a good option.
    If you want something with a little more customizability, you can get a dbrand skin that allows you to customize your smartphone with cool-looking skins.

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  • Fast Charger

    Everyone should have a few good fast chargers. The easiest thing to do is just buy a fast charger that’s the same brand as the phone it will charge, but some devices can use third-party chargers to get increased charging speeds for less.
    That said, some phones, like OnePlus devices, for example, can only fast-charge by using OnePlus chargers. The other thing that people need to know when buying a fast charger is the maximum wattage each phone can take, which you can find by looking up the model you want to charge.

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  • Gift cards

    While giving gift cards isn’t always the best bet, we still recommend them. If you don’t like giving gift cards because they’re not personal, try getting a specific one. If you’re buying a gift card for a gamer, get them a Steam card. If they like reading, get them a gift card for their e-reader.
    While it isn’t the most personal gift, the freedom gift cards offer is something most people likely appreciate.

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  • Google Chromecast with Google TV

    The new Google Chromecast with Google TV is the perfect streaming device for most people. Google’s new smart TV operating system is a treat to use and its recommendation algorithms are awesome. Its low $69 price makes it a lot more appealing than some other options on the market.

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  • MagSafe charger

    If you already have Apple’s new iPhone 12, the must-have accessory this year is the new MagSafe wireless charger. This new charging pad from Apple uses magnets to make sure that it connects to your phone perfectly every time.
    If you pair your phone with a 20-watt power plug, you’ll also get fast-changing, allowing your phone to top up quickly.

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  • Nanoleaf smart lights

    Smart lights are a fun addition to any room, and the newest model from Nanoleaf is an excellent option with a phenomenal price. These lights offer a fantastic range of colours and can get very bright.
    They also come in a cool geode-like shape that the company calls a ‘Rhombicosidodecahedron.’

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  • Portable battery

    Everyone needs a portable battery to keep their devices charged on the go. We recommend one that’s at least 20,000 mAh. Most modern phone batteries range from around 2,000 to around 4,000 mAh, so charging multiple phones and a few extra devices like Bluetooth speakers from one portable power bank can be incredibly useful.

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  • Tile tracker

    If you know someone that can’t keep track of their keys or wallet, get them a Tile tracker. These devices connect to your phone to help you find your misplaced items. That means if you left your keys at work, you’d be able to track them down if they have a Tile device.
    If you’re struggling to find your Tile, you can also make it ring. On the flip side, some Tile trackers even feature a button to make your phone ring in case you can’t find it.

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  • Velcro cable ties

    Long gone are the days of using zip ties to organize your cables. For $20 or less, you can buy a bulk set of velcro cable ties on Amazon so that special someone in your life never has to worry about cable management again.
    You can use these to keep your cables wrapped neatly when you store them or for cable management behind your desk or TV stand.

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  • Video game controller

    Gaming gear is likely high on everyone’s wish list this year. If you know someone is getting a new console, an extra controller is always a good option. The new PlayStation 5 DualSense is likely going to be in high demand this holiday season, but a new Xbox or Stadia controller can also go a long way if the gamer in your life uses those systems.

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