Another Apple TV remote with physical buttons is on the way

Unfortunately, this third-party remote will probably never come to Canada

Apple TV third-party remote

It’s no secret that the Apple TV’s Siri Remote can often be frustrating.

Sure, if you’ve been using one for several months, it’s possible to get the hang of it. However, if you’re picking a Siri Remote up for the first time, it can be shockingly bewildering.

Following up last year’s Salt-developed remote sold by a Swiss TV and internet provider, Universal Electronics’ is launching its own Apple TV remote with physical navigation buttons.

The remote connects to the Apple TV through Bluetooth low-energy or infrared, includes a mic for Siri commands and works as a universal remote for TVs and audio devices. Further, the remote features backlit keys that turn on via an ambient light sensor.

While Universal Electronic’s remote is launching at the start of 2021, it’s not available directly from the company, unfortunately. Instead, it’s set to be sold directly through cable companies.

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely Canadian carriers will ever sell this third-party remote.

Source: Universal Electronics Via: The Verge