Bell brings back $75/20GB promotional plan until July 6th

The $75/20GB plan is joined by $85 and $105 versions with shareable data and Canada/U.S. calling

Update- July 1st: Bell has extended the date of this promotional offer, now available until July 6th.

Bell has once again brought back its $75/20GB promotional plan.

Bell, along with Rogers and Telus, have all been sporadically offering $75/20GB plans over the last several months. At the time of writing, Bell’s website did not list an end date for the $75/GB promotion, but in the past, these plans have stuck around for the weekend.

Further, Bell’s website lists the plan as available for new activations and upgrades only.

Typically, Bell’s $75 plan includes 10GB of high-speed data, so this promotion effectively gives you double the data.

Along with the $75/20GB promotion, Bell is offering an $85/20GB plan. This plan doesn’t include unlimited data, so if you use up all 20GB, you have to pay overage fees. However, the data is shareable, so you could activate two of these plans and get a total of 40GB of data shared across both lines.

Finally, Bell is offering a version of that plan with unlimited Canada/U.S. calling for $105 per month.

Those interested can see all the plans on Bell’s website. Rogers and Telus are also offering similar plans.