Telus offering $75/20GB promo plan until July 6th [Update]

It's back

Telus 'True North Affordability' stamp

Update – July 1: Telus has once again extended this promo offer, now available until July 6th.

It seems Telus is making another push to add subscribers before the end of the month with the relaunch of its popular $75 CAD 20GB promo plan.

Similar to other carriers, Telus’ ‘Peace of Mind’ plan offers 20GB of high-speed data usage. As usual, once customers surpass that 20GB cap, Telus throttles data to a maximum speed of 512Kbps with no overage fees.

The plan includes unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited text, picture and video messaging, voicemail, call display, call waiting and conference calling.

Telus notes the plan is available until June 30th. Rogers and Bell are also offering similar $75/20GB promotional plans.

Source: Telus