YouTube Music Explore tab now on the web

It would have been nice for the company to keep the hotlist, too

If you’re a YouTube Music subscriber, the web version of the service just got a nice upgrade.

If you load up the web version, there’s now a new ‘Explore’ tab option along the top of the screen to quickly allow users to select a mood or genre to find playlists they might like.

There are also two other lists. One is where you can find new releases that YouTube Music thinks you’d be interested in, and the other is new music videos. At the top of the page, you’ll see buttons for ‘New Releases’ and another for ‘Moods & Genres,’ but they just highlight what’s already on the page, making them useless.

This brings the web player up to par with the recently revamped mobile version. However, I would have liked to see YouTube keep the older hotlist of new and popular music videos on the web version since it was fun to browse from time to time, and the web is a better place to take in video anyway.

There isn’t much else to say about the web player, but if you’ve been falling behind on all the changes coming to YouTube Music, you can learn about the redesign, Explore tab and how Google Play Music is shutting down by reading our prior reports. 

Source: Android Police