YouTube Music replaces ‘Hotlist’ with ‘Explore’ tab

This is a very welcome change

YouTube Music is ditching its video ‘Hotlist’ tab in favour of an ‘Explore’ tab that functions more like its competitors.

This is a welcome change since the Hotlist was somewhat limited in its functionality. Before the update, the Hotlist was located in the centre of the app’s bottom navigation bar, and it presented users with a list of “New, cool and trending” music videos.

YouTube Music has been updating sections of its interface almost every other week now, and while I didn’t see this one coming, it’s my favourite so far.

Along the top of the Explore section are two large buttons. One reads ‘New releases’ and the other says, ‘Moods & genres.’ New releases will, of course, showcase new songs and albums. Moods & Genres is also reasonably self-explanatory and pushes users towards YouTube Music’s pre-made playlists.

Below those two options is a list of new music and a handful of recommended genre/mood playlists.

None of these sections are new, but they were previously crammed into the app’s home screen. Ideally, being given their own section should make browsing for new music or pre-made playlists a lot easier. Hopefully, this makes the homepage feel less cluttered as well. On the flip side of this, if Google still leaves new content on the home page, it will be slightly annoying.

None of my Android phones have the update yet, so it may be rolling out slowly or be server-side. This means it might take time to reach everyone.

Source: 9t05Google