Google Podcasts can now import your Google Play Music subscriptions

It's been a sad day for fans of the defunct Google audio streaming app

Google Podcasts header

Alongside the push from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, it appears Google is also shuttling users over to its newer podcasting app.

Google Podcasts began life inside of the Google Assistant app before graduating to becoming its own application on the web, iOS and Android. Overall it’s a pretty good app with a powerful search engine and a good design.

Like with the YouTube Music transition, you need to open up the Podcast app to begin the transfer. When the tool rolls out to you, it should simply ask if you want to move all your old podcasts, listening data and playback locations to the new service.

If you don’t feel like waiting, you can begin the transfer online here. 

If you’re a die-hard Play Music fan, then you’ll likely be disappointed, but I’m sure most people will be happy enough with the switch. However, as with the swap to YouTube Music, hopefully, at least as far as Google is concerned, this move doesn’t present itself as an opportunity for users to move over to Apple or Spotify’s competing podcast platforms.

It’s interesting Google has decided to separate its music and Podcasts apps like Apple, as Spotify takes the alternative approach and offers both music and podcasts in one app.

Source: 9to5Google