Koodo dropped minimum Tab Large, Extra Large plan price to $55

Customers can now pick between $55, $65 and $75 plans when getting a phone on contract with Tab Large and Extra Large

Koodo is changing up its Tab structure again and things should be getting a little cheaper if you’re looking to get a new phone on contract.

The Telus flanker brand is lowering the minimum price plan users need to get when purchasing a phone on Large and Extra Large Tabs. Further, Koodo will no longer offer Tab Extra Extra Large to new customers or advertise it on its website. In fact, if you head to Koodo’s website now, Tab Extra Extra Large is gone. Instead, it’ll be available exclusively to existing customers.

The biggest update is that the minimum entry plan for both Tab Large and Tab Extra Large is $55 for 4GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited messaging. Previously, the minimum plan was $75 for 10GB and unlimited messaging and calling.

Across the board, that means savings of up to $20 per month for customers looking to get a new device on one of the larger Tabs.

For those unfamiliar with Koodo’s Tab system, it works by discounting the price of a phone by a set amount, which customers pay back in equal payments. For example, a Tab Medium plan reduces the phone cost by $360. Customers then pay a $15 Tab charge on top of their monthly plan fee for 24 months. At the end of that time, the Tab is paid off in full ($15 x 24 = $360) and the Tab charge drops off the monthly bill.

With Tab Large, the previous minimum was $75 per month. With the Tab Charge fee of $20 per month ($480 total), that means customers pay $95 per month. Unfortunately, there’s not much choice in the matter since Koodo’s highest plan is $75 per month.

Thankfully, the new Tab structure means customers can pay as low as $75 per month (with the Tab) while still getting access to higher-cost devices locked to Koodo’s Tab Large or  Tab Extra Large. Koodo offers a $65 7GB plan as well, so customers have a range of options.

In November, Koodo similarly lowered the Tab Medium minimum plan cost to $45 per month. The carrier’s Tab Small starts at $35 per month.

Update 01/28/2020: Corrected the story to reflect that Tab Extra Extra Large does not benefit from the restructure and the minium plan amount for it remains $75 per month before the Tab.