Koodo adds lower Tab Medium starting plan, now $45/2GB instead of $55/4GB

The $55/4GB plan is still available on Tab Medium


Telus’ flanker brand Koodo has added another more affordable level to its ‘Tab Medium’ plans.

Previously, the company listed its Tab Medium plans as starting at $55 per month. However, there’s now a $45 per month option with 2GB of data and unlimited minutes and messaging. The $45 option also benefits from Koodo’s current double data promotion. Typically, customers would only get 1GB of data with this plan, but for a limited time, it comes with a bonus gigabyte for 2GB total.

For those unfamiliar with Koodo, the carrier offers a ‘Tab’ system to help subsidize the cost of smartphones. Customers can pick between ‘Tab Small,’ ‘Tab Medium,’ ‘Tab Large,’ ‘Tab Extra Large’ or ‘Tab Extra Extra Large’ when getting a phone from Koodo. Each Tab level comes with a discount ranging from $240 towards a new phone at the lowest to $960 towards a new phone at the highest. Customers then pay back the tab in equal monthly payments over 24 months as on top of their plan costs.

For example, a customer who gets a phone on Tab Small would pay $10 per month back to Koodo on top of the cost of their monthly rate plan but would receive an up-front discount of $240 on their phone. Tab Extra Extra Large, however, would cost an extra $40 on top of their plan. Different tabs have different starting plan levels. Tab Small plans start at $35 per month, not including the $10 per month tab cost. Tab Large and higher start at $75 per month.

Tab Medium, as mentioned above, now starts at $45. Customers who choose Tab Medium receive $360 towards a new phone. That means they’ll have to pay back $15 per month over 24 months on top of the plan cost. At the lowest $45 plan, that means customers pay $60 per month for a new phone.

Alternatively, those just looking for a new plan and not a new device can grab a bring your own device (BYOD) variant that just costs $45 per month.

You can see all of Koodo’s plans on the carrier’s website.