Ikea collaborates with Teenage Engineering on speakers and lights

The only questions left: how do I connect my phone to these and how good do they sound?

Ikea has partnered with Swedish electronics company Teenage Engineering to create a whole slate of products named Frekvens, but mainly, it’s all about the funky speakers and lights.

The product line will be on sale at Ikea stores coast-to-coast starting in February.

The main aspect of the devices is their quirky colours and retro aesthetics. This follows Teenage Engineering’s design ethos since it makes colourful yet retro-looking tech products.

There are three speakers in the Frekvens lineup. A large speaker plus a subwoofer for $200, a smaller speaker that comes in either red or yellow ($100) or a pocket-sized speaker with a belt clip that costs $25.99.

There’s also a light attachment that can go on the bottom of the mid-sized speaker. Both of the larger speakers also have a fabric strap for carrying.

The coolest aspect of these speakers are their modularity. That means you can connect a few together with some Frekvens lights to create some kind of monster party speaker that looks super cool.

To complement these speakers, there are two funky lights and an industrial-looking tripod to mount them on. You can also purchase yellow or red add-on packages to customize these lights with spotlight functionality and other light shading techniques.

Beyond the tech-related items, there’s also a raincoat, some serving trays, cups, a blanket, a chair and more random household items.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Ikea for more information regarding the speakers, such as, how do they connect to your device, is it a multi-room system and are they battery powered.

When this partnership was first announced, Ikea said the two brands were also working on a record turn-table, but it appears that device didn’t make the cut.

This is Ikea’s third major run at in-home speakers. It started out selling the attractive and simplistic Eneby Bluetooth speaker line in 2018. It’s since graduated to working with Sonos on two speakers that work with Sonos’ home audio setup called the Symfonisk speakers. 

Update 24/01/2020: Ikea has responded to a few of our questions.

First up, the speakers are Bluetooth and you can group up to eight devices to play music at once.

The speakers can be wireless with batteries or connected to the wall with a plug.