Canadian Tesla Model Y delivers might begin next month

Take this one with a grain of salt.

A Reddit user posted saying that the Tesla dealership in Oakville, Ontario called and told him his long-range AWD Model Y would be delivered in either March or April.

The Tesla dealer also mentioned that Performance model trims will begin shipping out next month.

Other Canadians further down the Reddit thread who have also ordered Model Ys have reached out to the Oakville dealer and have been told that there’s no news about Model Y deliveries.

Model Y deliveries confirmed for next month! from r/TeslaLounge

More concrete news regarding Model Y should come during the automaker’s earnings call and report at the end of the month.

As we said above, make sure not to take this to heart since this is only a rumour and we’re unable to confirm it.

Source: Reddit user u/Quaf4