HP will stop overcharging for printer ink according to analyst

The dark side of this is that printer prices will rise

A new report from a Morgon Stanly analyst states that HP will soon move away from selling printer ink at high prices.

To make this shift, the company will begin charging more for its printers as a way to balance out its income.

Since the world is moving away from paper, it makes sense that HP needs to switch its printer revenue model.

Currently, HP and most other printer companies currently sell printers at lower prices but then hike up the cost of ink to recoup the lost revenue from printer sales over the long term.

Since many people don’t print every day anymore, it seems like companies are having a more difficult time recouping their money from selling printers for low prices.

This might be good for consumers since there’s a possibility higher printer prices will result in better printers that fail less and last longer. Also, more reasonably priced ink cartridges definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Source: Gizmodo