Panasonic’s HomeHawk Floor security lamp is now available for $330 CAD

The Floor lamp is now available on Amazon Canada

Panasonic’s HomeHawk Floor Indoor Camera Security is now available in Canada via Amazon.

The Panasonic HomeHawk Floor is a pretty clever way to hide a security camera in the home. The HomeHawk Floor is a lamp that features a security camera with a 90-minute battery backup, a full-colour light mode, 1080p HD recording and lastly, it sports a 140-degree wide-angle lens.

The lamp also features an on/off light timer.

The HomeHawk app connects with an iOS and Android app, allowing users to monitor their home through their mobile device. The app also lets users adjust the lighting and capture still photos.

An Indiegogo campaign crowdfunded the lamp, but now it’s available to purchase.

The HomeHawk costs $329.99 CAD and is available with Prime shipping.

Image Credit: Newswire