SyrupCast 209: The best phones of 2019

The Pixel 3a, iPhone 11, S10e and s10+ square off

This week on the SyrupCast, MobileSyrup Managing Editor Patrick O’Rourke and MobileSyrup Staff Writers Dean DaleyBradley Bennett, and Jon Lamont, sit down to chat about their favourite phones of 2019.

The team each chooses their #1 choice for a phone that they would recommend to a friend, as well as a follow-up favourite. They even take a brief sidebar to choose their favourite 2019 phone colours.

Bradley’s picks:
#1: Pixel 3A
Runner-up: OnePlus 7T

Dean’s picks :
#1: Samsung Galaxy S10+
Runner-up: HTC U13, which is a phone he imagined up and wishes were real, but it is, in fact not.

Jon’s picks :
#1: Samsung Galaxy S10e
Honourable mention: Motorola Razr, which has not yet been released
Pixel 4

Patrick’s picks:
#1: iPhone 11
Runner-up: Samsung Galaxy Fold

Tune in to the SyrupCast to hear the team discuss the reasons behind their choices.

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Total runtime: 44:30
Shoutouts: 38:00

Patrick gives his shoutout to Amazon lending him a helping hand this holiday season. Bradley sends a shoutout to colourful phones everywhere. Dean shouts out the Asus ZenFone flip-up camera and HTC for (in his words) “doing nothing.” Finally, Jon shouts out the Lenovo Smart Clock.