Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant is $50 at Best Buy Canada

Think of this device like the Nest Mini of smart displays

The well regarded Lenovo Smart Clock is currently on sale at Best Buy Canada for the low price of $50 CAD.

This device isn’t a first-party Google Home/Nest device, but it might as well be. It uses a similar fabric mesh as Google’s own smart home products and just has a similar friendly design.

The display has a 4-inch touch screen so users can see what music is playing, the time and more. It also has a functionality where it snoozes your alarm clock when you tap it on the top. This is a feature I use all the time on my Echo Show 5 since it’s on my bedside table.

One feature that is only on the Lenovo display is a USB port so you can plug your phone’s charger into the device.

Right now, with the $50 price tag, it’s actually cheaper than the Nest Mini’s regular price. Having said that, Best Buy Canada also has the older Google Home Mini on sale for $50. 

Source: Best Buy Canada