Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold could be the most affordable foldable yet

At a rumoured $1,117, the new Fold would be the cheapest foldable by a wide margin

Galaxy Fold vertical

Samsung is reportedly developing a new clamshell-style Galaxy Fold device, but new reports suggest it could have a price much lower than the original Galaxy Fold or competitors like the Motorola Razr.

According to the Korean Herald (via Android Police), the new Fold could cost around 1 million won (about $1,117 CAD). The current Galaxy Fold costs $2,600.

If the reported prize is accurate, it would make the new Galaxy Fold cheaper than the recently announced Motorola Razr. The Razr sports a clamshell design as well, and will cost $1,499 USD (about $1,987.34 CAD).

Not only would that price tag put the Galaxy Fold in the same league as most other flagship smartphones, but it’d also make it the most affordable foldable on the market — something the Razr previously held claim to.

What’s more, recent leaks suggest the new Fold will sport a ‘hideaway hinge’ and a 108-megapixel camera. It’s also expected to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S11 series at MWC. If accurate, that means we could get a new Galaxy Fold sometime in February.

That’s about two months away, which leaves plenty of time for details to change and shift. In other words, we could learn more about the Fold that makes it less appealing than it currently is.

However, if the rumours are accurate, the new Galaxy Fold could be the device that normalizes the foldable phone for many people. Plus, it’s expected to come to Canada, which makes it even better.

Source: Korean Herald Via: Android Police