Riot Games to expand ‘League’ universe with new publishing label

'League of Legends' is set to get several new 'completable' games based in the universe

League of Legends character art

Fans of League of Legends may soon have access to a number of new games based on the universe thanks to a new publishing initiative from Riot Games.

Riot has launched a new publishing label, dubbed Riot Forge, that will work with smaller studios to develop more League of Legends games. Further, multiple titles are already in the works, but Riot hasn’t provided the details yet. Leanne Loombe, head of Riot Forge, told The Verge in an interview that Riot isn’t targetting specific genres when it comes to these games. Instead, the company wants to offer a variety of games it publishes.

Further, Loombe said Riot Forge was looking to partner with studios that have an “existing track record” and have previously shipped excellent games.

The move follows League’s 10th anniversary in October, where Riot announced new initiatives to expand the game’s universe. These include a fighting game, mobile spinoff, animated series and more. What sets Riot Forge apart from those other offerings is that the games it publishes are meant to be ‘completable.’

Thus the need for a publishing studio. Riot has plenty of experience building live service games that can’t be completed — look at the success of League of Legends. Completable games are a different beast entirely.

Loombe also told The Verge that development partners would be responsible for creating and designing the games. Riot would serve in a more supervisory role, especially when it comes to helping developers understand and navigate the League of Legends lore. In other words, developers will have “the freedom to make their own stylistic and gameplay decisions,” according to Loombe.

It’s not clear when we’ll see these new games, but the change marks a significant shift for Riot, which has long focused on a single game. The company is branching out and the League universe is set to expand in exciting new ways with that expansion.

Source: The Verge