Rogers revamps its device repair program with new online troubleshooting portal

It's now a lot easier to fix a phone with Rogers

Rogers has added a new section to its app called the ‘Device Toolbox’ that aims to make it easier for users to diagnose their own issues and contact support.

The new function in the MyRogers app will help users self-diagnose problems, along with tips and tricks to help keep their device running smoothly. Plus, there are some easy fixes to common issues.

The carrier also posted a breakdown on its forums that details how the new repair process and app function work. The service is called Rogers Repair Program, and it gives all subscribers access to quick walk-in repairs at some repair locations, online tracking of said repair and access to a Galaxy S8 loaner device.

Rogers hopes that with walk-in repairs, it can shorten the time it takes users to get a repair. On the forum post, it says it can take hours as opposed to days when the device is mailed in.

If you’re a Rogers subscriber, this is likely good news since it should help users get easier access to repairs and common issues.

Source: Rogers Forums