Google Assistant now lets you save lists to apps like Keep and Any.do

Head to Assistant settings > Services > Notes & Lists then choose the app of your choice

Google Assistant on Pixel 4

Google is now rolling out a feature that allows new lists and notes to be saved to apps like Keep, Any.do, AnyList and Bring.

Originally when Google launched Assistant, any saved notes created would be brought to the Keep app; however, the search company removed that functionality. Now when you make a list via Assistant, it gets saved to some remote area within Assistant itself.

Google previously said it would bring it back to Keep, back in 2018; more than a year later and now it’s finally happening.

You’ll have to head to Assistant settings > Services > Notes & Lists, and then you can set it to the app of your choice.

Google says the feature is now available in English on all Assistant-enabled devices globally; however, it has not rolled out to our in-office devices.

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Source: Google Blog, Via: Android Police