Eleven-x, GHD collaborate on new wireless stormwater monitoring solution

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GHD, an employee owned professional services company, along with Eleven-x, a Canadian IoT solutions company, announced a new initiative to provide cities with a wireless, real-time stormwater monitoring solution.

The solution delivers new monitoring capabilities that expand current industry standards for monitoring water levels and temperature in storm sewer systems in real-time.

It combines cost-effective wireless data collection with conventional water level measuring equipment. In a press release, Eleven-x said the solution could collect data in stormwater systems to evaluate performance and capacity, as well as create data-driven maintenance schedules. It can also help provide municipalities with transparent planning of capital expenditures.

The system’s initial deployment program features a development phase followed by a six-month initial deployment. During the development phase, it will collect water level and temperature data in select areas in Kitchener, Ontario. GHD will work closely with Eleven-x and use the company’s technology to read and transmit water level and temperature data.

During the initial deployment phase, GHD will provide support during the installation of the units. Further, the company will conduct manual downloads and analysis of collected data. Finally, GHD will provide technical expertise throughout the study.

Eleven-x hopes that cities can use the technology to increase efficiencies and improve city services while also reducing program costs.