PopSockets’ AirPods grip might be one of the worst smartphone accessories ever

At least you'd never lose your AirPods again, right?


Popsockets — the little knob-like accessories that attach to the rear of a smartphone — are actually surprisingly useful in several situations.

They add additional grip to a smartphone, are highly customizable and, most importantly, prevent you from dropping your phone on your face when you’re holding it above your head while lying in bed — not that this has ever happened to me, of course.

Unfortunately, it looks like the accessory maker may have taken things a little too far this time. PopSocket has released a new PopGrip that doubles as an enclosure for Apple’s AirPods charging case. The awkwardly placed case is compatible with both the first-gen and second-gen AirPods, is Qi wireless charging compatible and even swappable with other PopGrips.

While this case might prevent you from ever losing your AirPods again, it also seems to make the iPhone incredibly unwieldy, especially if you want to slide the smartphone into your pocket.

This monstrosity of an accessory costs $20 (roughly $26 CAD) on PopSockets’ website. The case is available in ‘Neo Mint,’ ‘Black,’ ‘White,’ ‘Iris Purple’ and ‘Cobalt.

If we’re lucky, PopSockets might also be planning to release an awkward PopGrip case for Apple’s recently released AirPods Pro — because who likes putting their phone in their pocket anyways?