High school students in Ontario now required to take two online courses

The government says online courses offer students with more course options and flexibility

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High schools students in Ontario will now be required to take two online courses instead of four, which was the previous planned number.

This new regulation comes following an announcement from Ontario Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce.

The Ford government previously proposed requiring high school students to complete four courses online. Lecce says the government has backtracked to demonstrate that it is being reasonable.

This change is meant to “turn Ontario into a global leader of modern and digital education,” according to a government press release.

Beginning September 2020, the mandatory online classes will start to be counted towards graduation requirements for high school students. This means that students who graduate in 2023-2024 will be the first cohort that are required to complete online courses.

“The world is changing rapidly, and our students need the ability to learn and thrive in a world increasingly disrupted by technology,” said Lecce in the press release.

Lecce says that online courses offer students with additional course options and more flexibility in terms of their schedule.

Source: Government of Ontario