Google is renaming the Assistant tab in Photos to ‘For you’

The new tab will have more of the creative Photos app suggestions

Google Phots on iOS

Google is renaming the Assistant tab within the Photos app to ‘For you,’ according to 9to5Google

Google’s Photos app includes several Assistant-enabled features. For example, it can create collages, stylize photos and even make small clips with pictures.

This feature was previously in the Assistant tab but Google is now renaming it to ‘For you.’ 9to5 says that Google is likely looking to reduce confusion. Other suggestions will be moved to a new ‘Manage your library’ feed that’s accessible in the app’s menu.

Google is moving suggestions like “fixing sideways photos and archiving receipts” to this section as well.

For me, Manage your Library indicated that I needed to clear some of my blurry images and screenshots.

It seems like the cool, more interesting editing features shift to ‘For you,’ while the more basic functionality is now part of  ‘Manage your library.’

The update is available for Photos on iOS today, but has not made its way to all Android users. It is available on desktop, however.

With iOS I can see ‘Manage your library’ but not ‘For you.’ It’s possible it only populates when Photos has suggestions for your recently taken pictures, though it’s currently unclear.

Source: 9to5Google