Updated tvOS 13.3 lets users put ‘Up Next’ queue back on Apple TV Top Shelf

You can now change the display back to what it used to be and display your 'Up Next’ queue

Apple TV 4K

Apple has given users the ability to change their home screen on Apple TV back to what it used to be by displaying their ‘Up Next’ queue instead of the ‘What to Watch’ selection.

When the Apple TV home screen was redesigned with tvOS 13, it changed the content of the Top Shelf from displaying users’ personal ‘Up Next’ queue to its ‘What to Watch’ selection of shows.

Now, users have the ability to change it back after a number of complaints were made towards Apple, as outlined by 9to5Mac.

The current tvOS 13 Top Shelf displays TV shows and movies, and the appearance is not personalized to the user.

To change the display, you have to go into your ‘Home Screen’ settings. You can then choose between showing ‘What to Watch’ or ‘Up Next’ in the Top Shelf.

Source: 9to5Mac