Koodo offering some existing users $55 for 10GB plans

The plans go as high as 20GB for $80

According to a user on the Red Flag Deals Forums, Koodo is targeting some subscribers with a 10GB for $55 per month offer and more.

This deal isn’t open to everyone, but if you are already a Koodo subscriber, it might be worth signing into your online account and seeing if any of these deals are available to you.

There are a few sets of deals available right now. The ‘Tab Large,’ ‘Tab Extra Large and ‘Tab Extra Extra Large’ offers are all the same, but ‘Tab Medium’ has a few lower-cost plans as well. This likely means that to take advantage of these plans, you need to get a new device.

Take note though, if you do get one of these deals, you’ll still need to pay off your Tab fee for the phone alongside the cost of the data plan.

Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large offers:

  • $55 – 10GB
  • $60 – 12GB
  • $75 – 15GB
  • $80 – 20GB

Tab Medium offers:

  • $45 – 6GB
  • $50 – 8GB
  • $55 – 10GB
  • $60 – 12GB

All plans also include unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited texting.

Source: Red Flag Deals