Alexa ‘Skills’ can now recognize multiple people’s voices

Everyone in the house can link their voice to their Uber account

Amazon’s Alexa Skills can now tell the difference between several users’ voices.

This means that multiple people in a household can now order an Uber, for example. Although, in the future, users may be able to link their streaming music account to their voices.

Alexa has been able to recognize user’s voices since February of 2018. Therefore, previously to today’s update, users could have multiple calendars, phone numbers and Flash Briefings.

Now, with the update, third-party skills will have the ability to differentiate between multiple voices as well.

So far, Uber, 7-Minute Workout, 20 Questions, and Excite Horoscopes all have multiple voice profiles baked into them. Other developers can start adding this option to their Skills now too.

Source: Alexa Blog