Election 2019: Top things Canadians searched Google for during the election campaign

The top searches range from asking Google when the polls open to who will win the election

Google has revealed the top 10 things that Canadians have been searching its database for during the federal election campaign.

Here are the top 10 questions from the last seven days regarding the election:

1. Who is winning the Canadian election?
2. Who will win the Canadian election?
3. When is the Canadian election?
4. Who is leading the federal election polls?
5. Who should I vote for in the federal election?
6. Where to vote?
7. How to vote Canada 2019?
8. Is election day a holiday in Canada?
9. How to register to vote?
10. What time do polls open on election day?

Here are the top 10 searches regarding political parties from the last seven days:

1. What does NDP stand for?
2. Who is the leader of the Conservative Party?
3. Why vote NDP?
4. Is Trudeau Liberal?
5. What is the People’s Party of Canada?
6. Why is the Bloc Quebecois a federal party?
7. Who is the leader of the NDP?
8. What is the NDP platform?
9. What is the NDP’s vision for Canada?
10. What is the Liberal party platform?

The report reveals that the top political issues that were searched for during the election campaign were health, cannabis, tax, education, trade, immigration and crime.

It also looked at the search interest for top-searched political party leaders. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau garnered 40 percent of interest for searches, while Conservative leader Andrew Scheer garnered 26 percent.

Here’s how to watch the election results tonight. 

Image credit: Elections Canada 

Source: Google Via: 680 News