Bird Canada will bring ‘s.h.a.r.e.’ Safe Street Tours to Calgary on August 8th

Residents and commuters of Calgary will soon be able to try out some electronic scooters as Bird Canada selected the Albertan city as its first stop for ‘s.h.a.r.e.’ Safe Streets Tour.

Bird Canada announced that the s.h.a.r.e Safe Street Tour will be held on August 8th at 2:00pm MDT at the Simmons Building in Calgary’s East Village.

The company currently operates an electric scooter sharing program in Calgary and Edmonton. It hopes to use its sharing program to ease traffic jams and offer residents with an affordable way to commute.

Bird Canada wants to use this tour to inform the general public about responsible riding and safety tips for micro-mobility vehicles such as electric scooters.

The Calgary-based event will provide attendees with the basics of micro-mobility vehicles, including how to properly ride and park electric scooters. It will also educate the attendees with rules for respecting pedestrians, businesses and traffic to ensure safe ride-sharing in the city.

“Responsible riding helps improve neighbourhoods and communities for everyone” Bird Canada said in the press release. The company also provided the definitions for its s.h.a.r.e tips.

  • Safe riding. Navigate traffic with care.
  • Heightened awareness. Anticipate what others might do.
  • Always alert. Save the selfies and music for after the ride.
  • Respect for pedestrians. Yield and keep walkways accessible.
  • Every voice matters. Get involved to help your city reshape its streets.

Attendees will be able to try out 25 electric scooters, which the company calls Birds, within the event perimeter. The company will also give out free helmets and a $7 CAD promo code for future rides.

Source: Bird Canada