Bird scooters are now available for rent in Calgary

A few hundred scooters are available now, and Bird will grow to over 500 scooters in the coming weeks

Starting July 29th, Bird Canada’s dockless e-scooters will be available for use in Calgary.

The launch comes on the heels of Calgary’s electric scooter pilot program in partnership with Bird and Lime, another e-scooter company.

Bird boasts that its scooters are affordable, easy to use and fun to ride. The company also says its scooters are the most stable options on the market.

A few hundred Bird scooters are now available in Calgary, and that number will grow to over 500 in the weeks following the launch.

Those looking to rent an e-scooter will need to download the ‘Bird Scooter’ app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve created an account and added a credit card, you’re ready to scoot. The app features a map for locating nearby scooters. To rent one, walk up and scan its QR code with the app.

Bird scooters have a $1.15 unlocking fee and charge $0.35 per minute of use. However, from launch through until August 12th, 2019, Bird will waive the unlocking fee in Calgary as a special Canadian launch promotion.

Bird says you must be 18 years old or older to rent a scooter in Calgary.

The scooters are limited to speeds of 20km/h and Bird says they can be used on bike paths or sidewalks. Further, the company encourages users to wear helmets. Bike helmets are sufficient, but users can get a free helmet through Bird Canada using the app.

Additionally, each scooter has a bell, handheld brake and a light. It’s worth noting you can’t use Bird scooters after sundown. As for batteries, Bird says scooters typically last a couple of days or for about 50km of travel.

Calgary is the first Canadian city to create regulatory conditions for e-scooter companies like Bird to launch. Bird Canada plans to make scooters available in critical communities across the country.


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