Fido introduces new data overage protection feature

Rogers’ flanker brand Fido plans to eliminate data overage fees with the launch of its new Data Overage Protection program.

The new feature is included with all Fido Data, Talk and Text plans starting today, a press release said.

The feature will allow customers to manage their data usage by “pausing data once they reach their limit.”

Fido will send customers a text notification once they reach 90 percent of their data limit and then send another message once they use 100 percent of their data, at which point their data access will be paused.

Fido said that if customers want more data they can buy 1GB of data for $15 CAD. This is a one time charge per month, but if you want more data you can charge another $15 and get more data. This is not a recurring monthly cost and the data will remain until your next billing cycle.

Fido offered a similar option where customers can buy a monthly add on when they’re about to exceed their data limit. But that option no longer exists for customers.

The monthly add on option allowed customers to buy 300MB for $10, 1.5GB for $20 or 3GB for $30. This was a monthly recurring charge.

Though it is worth adding that the new Data Overage Protection feature will be applied to all customers getting onto a new plan. Existing customers will still have access to the monthly add on option.

The new data overage protection feature also builds on the company’s Data Bytes, that allows customers to have one free hour of data five times a month, and Fido XTRA, which offers Fido postpaid mobile and internet customers new perks every Thursday.

“We know that data overage fees are a major concern for some customers, and that many hold back from using the full data included in their plans,” Nancy Audette, vice-president at Fido, said in the release. “With Data Overage Protection, our customers can get the most out of their wireless plans and enjoy their services worry-free with no surprise charges.”

It is worth noting that as per the rules in Canada’s Wireless Code, subscribers will have to consent to overage fees that total more than $50.

Source: Fido

Update 07/08/19: The article was updated by providing more clarity into the new data protection feature.